KEIN FILM/ NO MOVIE. Experimental.`8. Super 16 mm. G 2006

NO MOVIE reflects on filmmakers attitude towards creating an image as an objectivity of his own biased projections. In a visual media dominated world those images might decide on extistences: This is not a movie, just fear to live. An obsessive construction of images. That´s why I am staring at you. Always searching for myself. From a save distance. Trying to hide my inability. Behind illusions, which are maybe nothing but an escape. I Promise to be someone, I´m not. A ppearances are deceiving. What I´m showing to you is stolen. It is actually yours. Forced into my view. Disguising the void of my life. Because I can`t stand a fulfilled one. You can never leave me. Your lives belong to me. My pain is infinite. Destruction ist needed for novelty. Do you feel safe. Each abyss bears a miracle. Forced into my view, Your lives become a fiction. I lie in beetween. Are you so blind? You are the ones who call the flickering inferno. Sometimes it appears to be an innocent meadow.

A Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg Production. With the workers of Gaertnerei Kocher, Ludwigsburg and Kaatsch Kreislaufwirtschaft, Plochingen. Producer: Anett Vietzke. Sound: Joerg Kidrowski, Silvio Herrmann. Director: Anett Vietzke. Cinematography: Anett Vietzke. Assistant: Wolfgang Busch. Editor: Anett Vietzke. Words: Anett Vietzke. Screenings: Caligari Ludwigsburg, Zwerkwerk Film Festival Oldenburg, MAX EX Toronto, Emergeandsee Film Festival Berlin, London